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We have a new supplier of fresh Fruit and vegetables!

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We are excited to start the new academic year with a brand new IT provider! We love to support local businesses where possible (especially new and upcoming ones!) Take a look on Izba's website for more information regarding their services!

"We are a local small family business project excited to share our knowledge and passion for modern technology in Smart Home, IT, Home Entertainment and 3D printing. We have nearly 15 years of experience in IT and Cinema. Alex is an IT engineer who started his career in the Cinema industry in Digitization era back in 2008. Julia is a Business Developer and Operations Manager who worked in Technology and Services companies in the same sector. Cinema industry has been heavily impacted by COVID crisis, and what was a business idea floating between us for months, suddenly had to transform into iZba Smart Home Solution. By the way, fun fact: 'izba' is a Russian word meaning 'house'.

We believe that smart technology should be available to and affordable for most people in the community. And we are on a mission to unlock all the benefits for them. We are committed to providing the best possible solutions and products as well as a high quality service to our customers.

Our Products and Services:

- Our Smart Home Solution is the middle ground between high end technology when you have to commit to large project and spend and off the shelf consumer devices not user friendly, lacking flexibility and security. Our solution is versatile, scalable, user friendly and privacy focused. It can satisfy any budget and no project is too small for us. The benefits of having smart devices in your home or business include convenience, peace of mind and saving on energy bills.

- We provide services in IT including design, implementation and setting up of home and office networks, wired and wireless, IP-telephony and CCTV

- We offer 3D printing services, consumer and industrial products, including parts design."

See the link for the website below-: