Child Behaviour Management

How do you address undesirable behaviour?

Initially, we would try to distract the child and ignore their behaviour. If this doesn’t work, we would secure the child’s attention and speak to them calmly at their level. We would explain how they should behave – always trying to focus on what they should do, rather than on what they shouldn’t do.


What if the child’s behaviour is constantly difficult to manage?

In consultation with the child’s parents, a strategy will be developed to try to address this. If behaviour became very difficult to manage and it became a barrier to the child’s learning, we could then make a referral to the Early Years Childcare and Development Inclusion team. They can offer training and support to staff as well as help us develop strategies to help the child.


What if I have a problem with another child’s behaviour?

If you are in any way concerned, you should talk to the Pre-school Manager or your child’s Key Worker.


How is behaviour managed at Windmill Pre-school?

We focus on and praise positive behaviour , we offer choices to the child to help promote a positive decision making.