Tapestry Learning Journal

Tapestry is your child’s online learning journal. It is a wonderful resource for parents and the school to record all your child’s learnings and progress during their time with us at Windmill.

When you join Windmill Pre-School, every child will have their own tapestry account. Parents/carers will be given login details and you can go online to activate the Tapestry account.

Tapestry is completed by your child’s key worker and by parents. Your key worker will update the journal with details of specific activities and the progress, you will also be able to read Parents Evening reports and where consent is given, you can see photos and videos of your child at school completing specific activities in line with EYFS.

Parents input is essential in this too. You can comment on individual posts by key workers. More importantly, we encourage parents to upload their own learnings from home. It could be something simple like your child writing their name in birthday cards or getting themselves dressed. It is always these key achievements that the school enjoys learning and we can continue that learning and the support whilst they are at school.

Tapestry is a perfect way to share information between the school and parents. Parents will be able to keep the journal at the end of their time at Pre-School as a memento of their children’s time at Windmill.