Parent Involvement

How can I get involved at Pre-school?

We encourage all parents to become involved with Pre-school and their children’s lives at Pre-school. Initially that could be in the form of being a parent helper or if you want to be more involved by joining the voluntary board of trustees. Developing a relationship with their child’s key worker is vital.  You can arrange to speak with your child’s key worker or the Pre-School Leader at a convenient time.


If I volunteer to be Parent Helper, what is expected of me?

We ask that you arrive as close to 9am as possible, to help the staff finish setting up for the session. You can read, colour, get involved in messy play and help during circle time. Just ask the staff and they can give you a range of tasks for your to help the children with.


How frequently would I be expected to help?

This is up to you – some people are able to help out three or four times a term, others just once or twice.


Would I need to discipline any child?

No, this is the responsibility of the staff. You should make a member of staff aware of any incidents requiring their involvement.