Child Safeguarding

How do I know my child will be safe at Pre-school?

Safety is a major priority at Windmill Pre-school. As a result, the following measures are strictly adhered to:

  1. All staff have an enhanced DBS check to ensure they are suitable to work with young children

  2. Visitors (including other parents) are not permitted to be alone with your child

  3. Our doors are all secure to prevent unauthorised access or exit during the sessions

What do I do if I am concerned that my child has been incorrectly treated at Pre-school?

If you have ANY concerns at all, you should immediately speak to the Pre-school Manager or the Chair of Trustees.

What if I have a concern about the safety of another child in the setting?

Please speak to the Pre-school manager to raise the issue initially. There may be extenuating circumstances the staff are aware about but are not publicly known. Anything related to pre-school (staff or children) must be discussed with the manager and chair of trustees.

What if you have concerns about my child?

We will speak to you directly about any concerns regarding your child. The only time we would contact anyone without your permission would be if we felt your child was in danger of being harmed, and that by telling you the child would be placed in more danger.

Do you have a designated Child Protection Officer?

Yes, the Pre-school manger is the designated person qualified to deal with all child protection issues.