My child has Special Educational Needs; can he/she come to Windmill Pre-School?

The special needs co-ordinator is an important part of our teaching network. Senco trained staff will always be present within the setting. Please speak to our team if you think you will need the support of a SEN trained member of staff.

We pride ourselves on offering care for all children. Wherever possible, all special needs will be accommodated for.

Would you be able to detect if my child has Special Educational Needs?

If we felt your child was not progressing as they should be, we would speak to you about this as early as possible. We would then decide together how to progress.

If we all felt it was appropriate, the Early Years Inclusion team are happy to help us by supporting individual children and offering guidance to pre-school so that we ensure your child develops in all areas.

Do you have a delegated person in charge of special needs?

Yes, we have two! Kairen is SENCO lead (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and also Emma who is the Manager of the setting. Emma and Kairen both attend regular training in all areas of special needs.

My child has a need that you may not have come across before, how do I know that you will cater for him/her appropriately?

We will endeavour to help you and your child as much as possible. If you let us know in advance about your child’s needs, the SENCO (and other staff, if appropriate) will attend any training on offer, research your child’s need as well as contact any other professionals involved in your child’s care prior to him/her starting at Pre-school.

My child requires 1:1 support, can you provide this?

We are able to access funding from the Pre-School Co-ordinating Group in order for us to support your child. The amount of help depends on the specific needs of your child. Please discuss this requirement in advance and we will endeavour to gain any additional support needed.

We are lucky to enough to receive such wonderful feedback from all of our parents, but here are some that are relavent to SEN-:

"We are so sad to be leaving Windmill, you have done so much for T over his time with you. You have never treated him any differently to other children despite his very specific needs"

                                                                   The "P" family

"K has come on leaps and bounds since he has had the support and guidance he needed. We are so thankful for everything Emma and the team have done for him over his time at Windmill. It is a fantastic Pre-School and we are sad our time here has to come to an end. We know he will start "Big school" with a spring in his step now!"

The "B" family