Missing / Uncollected Children

What security measures does the school have and what happens if a child goes missing during a session?

The Pre-school has strict security measures – the front door is locked at all times with locks positioned high, away from little hands. Staff and Trustees are only officially allowed to permit visitors into the building. On pick up, the child is only allowed to leave the setting with the designated parent or carer.

In the unlikely event that your child goes missing, we would call the Police immediately. In addition, a thorough search of the area where the child was last seen will be conducted and the parent or carer will be contacted (as advised by the Police).

What is your definition of an uncollected child?

If a parent or carer has not arrived 15 minutes after the end of the session, a child is classed as ‘uncollected’

What will happen after 15 minutes have elapsed?

If you have been unavoidably detained and will be late to collect your child, you MUST contact us please. The Pre-school manager will attempt to contact the parent/designated person who was due to have collected the child. If there is no response, the Pre-school manager will try to contact the emergency person nominated on the child’s enrolment form. If this is unsuccessful, the Local Authority Duty Social Worker will be immediately notified. They will decide whether Police involvement is required.