Snack Policy

What does Pre-school provide at snack time?

We provide your child with a choice of either milk or water along with a healthy snack option such as fruit, crumpets, crackers, cereal etc.  The focus during this time is to encourage choice and independence therefore the children will be given the opportunity to count out plates, cups and fruit. We also have the role of "Snack helper" which each child has the opportunity to be each half term.

What do I need to provide?

Nothing, we provide everything required for snack time. Snacks are charged at 50p per child, per snack. You will be invoiced for these each half term. (Reviewed annually)

Water is freely available throughout each session. Whilst we encourage children to be independent and try to help themselves, we do help and support them with this.

In warmer climates we also have a drinks table out in the garden too :-)