Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors

This Code of Conduct is a signed agreement between Parents, Carers, Visitors and Windmill Pre-School.


Windmill Pre-School are proud to be part of an interactive, respectful and highly dedicated school community made up of Pre-School Trustees, staff, parents, carers and children.  As a parent/carer of a student at Windmill Pre-School, you are an integral part of our success. This code of conduct is a key part of your child’s enrolment in the pre-school. It identifies respect for our school ethos and maintaining the standards of the pre-school, as well as setting expectations regarding behaviour on school premises. 


Involvement: As a partnership, good working relationships are very important and play a key role in equipping our children with the necessary skills for their education. Windmill Preschool welcome and encourage parents and carers to participate fully in the day to day life of our pre-school. 


Problem solving: We are committed to resolving difficulties in a constructive manner through open and positive dialogue. Where issues arise, please contact the Pre-School Manager or Chair of Trustees. 


Concerns regarding child welfare: If parents have concerns about their child in relation to the pre-school, please contact the Pre-School Manager in the first instance. If still unresolved or if it is believed that the concerns relate specifically to the Pre-School Manager, the Trustees can be contacted directly.


Parking: When dropping or collecting children from Pre-school, please ensure parking is considerate and safe especially in the immediate surroundings of Pre-school. Do not block access to neighbouring residents or park on pavements/verges restricting pedestrian access. Please do not use the Brookmead school car park. Designated Windmill Pre-School Spaces are for Windmill staff only. The remaining car park is private to Brookmead School.


Behaviour: This code of conduct clarifies the types of behaviour that will not be tolerated. The document also details the actions the Pre-school will take if this code is breached. Behaviour which will not be accepted includes, but is not limited to.

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with any normal operation of the Pre-school. 

  • Inappropriate behaviour on the school premises.

  • Using loud or offensive language or displaying aggressive behaviour. 

  • Threatening behaviour (physical or verbal) to/from a member of staff, trustee, visitor, parent/carer or child.

  • Damaging or destructive behaviour of school property. 

  • Sending abusive/threatening emails/text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communications (including social media) to anyone within the Pre-school community.

  • Offensive or derogatory comments regarding the Pre-school or any of the pupils/parents/staff/trustees

  • Use of physical, verbal or written aggression towards another adult or child, which includes physical punishment of your own child on Pre-school premises.

  • Approaching another child in order to discuss or chastise them regarding matters associated   

with their own child. Such discussions should be conducted in private (Please note, such an approach to a child may be seen to be an assault and may have legal consequences)

  • Dogs are not permitted on Pre-school premises. (Guide dogs are exceptions to this rule).

  • Smoking, taking illegal drugs or the consumption of alcohol on school premises is not permitted.

Should any of the above occur on Pre-school premises or in connection with Pre-school, the Trustees and Manager may deem it necessary to contact the appropriate authorities or consider banning the offending adult from entering Pre-school premises. 

  • Breaking the code of conduct without a severe breach (as detailed below) will result in the pre-school sending out a formal letter to the parent/carer, detailing the concerns and requesting a meeting with Pre-school management. 

If the parent/carer refuses to attend the meeting, the school will further write to the parent/carer identifying the actions they must take to prevent further breeches of the parental code of conduct. Failing to follow these actions may lead to a total ban from the school premises.
If the behaviour continues, the parent/carer will be informed that a ban has been implemented. If the ban is not adhered to, the Pre-School Manager and Trustees will need to consider whether the child of the parent should also be removed from their placement.

  • Where unacceptable behaviour is considered to be a serious and potentially criminal matter, Police will be involved. This includes verbal or physical threats and violent behaviour, violence to any child, staff or Pre-School trustee, harassment in person or through social media. 

  • In severe cases of aggressive behaviour whereby any member of the pre-school community feels threatened or is at risk, the Pre-School reserves the right to contact local authorities to intervene. 

Note: In more serious cases, and at the discretion of the trustee or manager, a ban from the school can be introduced immediately, without all the steps offered above.

Social Media Conduct: Social media is a key part of the communication network for Pre-School. However, specific online activity, some of which relate to safeguarding, are deemed inappropriate. We also ask that you respect all staff members’ privacy and only contact them during their working hours (about work related issues) here at the Pre-School, not via any social media channels.

  • Identifying or posting images/videos of children other than a parent’s own.

  • Abusive or personal comments about staff, trustees, children or other parents

  • Bringing the school in disrepute 

  • Posting defamatory or libelous comments 

  • Emails circulated or sent directly with abusive or personal comments about staff, trustees or children 

  • Using social media to challenge school policies or discuss issues about children or staff

  • Threatening behaviour (verbal intimidation or use of bad language) 

  • Breaching school security procedures

Once joining Windmill Pre-School, you will be given a paper copy of this code of conduct in your welcome pack. Both parents/carers (where applicable) will be asked to sign to say you have, read, understood and agree to adhere to it. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.