Monika Bates

Monika is originally from Poland and came to live and work in England in 2004. Her biggest and most rewarding experience to date was working at MacIntyre in Wingrave as a Senior Support Worker and a Key Worker to a number of students.

When she started her own family she moved to Pitstone and joined a special needs educational school called Pebble Brook in Aylesbury. Monika gained a Bachelor Degree in Social Prevention and Resocialization and a Masters Degree in Pedagogy in Poland.  She also has an NVQ3 in Social Care and in Supporting Teaching and Learning. She loves baking her own bread, cooking and spending time with her daughter and husband.

Monika is Key Person to the GIRAFFE group.

I love working at Windmill because...

"I find working at our little preschool absolutely fascinating, satisfying and meaningful. Helping children achieving their however little and big goals gives my work purpose every single day as these goals can, may and or do change every single day.

I always adored working (and by working I obviously mean playing) and watching children developing, having fun, thinking and learning. I find it intriguing and fulfilling that me and all the lovely ladies who are a great support and fun can be a part of that process and moreover- help to guide and support our lovely preschool children in their ways of exploring, developing, learning and growing up journeys!

I cannot stress enough what a fantastic team we have got at Windmill Preschool waiting to greet our little ones every morning and I dare to say that it is definitely the very best one to say goodbye too!!