Louise McInally

Louise previously worked at Camelot. However, once she started her own family she decided to re-train in childcare.


Louise worked in a local Nursery for a while before joining Windmill in 2018 after having her second daughter.

Louise is the Key Person for the Zebra group.

I love working at Windmill because... 

"Purely and simply it’s down to the fun and laughter I have with the children and my colleagues.


I love seeing the joy and pride on the children's’ faces when they achieve something they’ve been working on for a while - whether it’s putting their coat on independently or writing their own name, their smiles at their success lights up the room.


And my colleagues are just brilliant! So helpful and supportive of each other. We really do work well together, with each person bringing their own ideas and creativity to the mix. It’s a fantastic team to be a part of."