A day in the life of Pre-School

‘Learning through play’ is our core ethos. Watching our children grow in confidence, gain new experiences and flourish on an individual level is incredibly rewarding.

An average day at the Pre-School may look like this: 

Arrival: Children place lunchboxes on the trolley, when they enter the Pre-School they place their bag and coat on their peg with their name on it, then say goodbye to their carer and enter the main room. Then they find their picture name card on the wall and place it on a drawer of their choice. The drawers will have parent letters, artwork and any personal belongings. It is their personal drawer for the session. They then sit down for the register and carpet time. (Am session) (Pm session the children come straight in for lunch.)

Morning & afternoon sessions: children choose where they would like to play as we offer free flow access both indoors and to a secured outdoors area. The main classroom is always set out in the same way so the children know where to find their favourite activities and to self select their own resources. We offer a wide range of activities, which provides every child the opportunity to learn in all 7 areas of Learning and Development.

Mid Morning/mid afternoon snack: Rolling snacks are always healthy with a drink of milk or water.  Children are encouraged to help by counting out plates and cups, cutting fruit and vegetables, pouring their own drinks and placing cups and plates in the washing bowl. This is a social time where children chat with staff and other peers at the table.

Approx. 11.40am: Tidy up time with our special ‘tidy up’ song leading into preparing for lunch club or to go home.  As we wind down our morning session, we enjoy circle time with all staff and pupils – a time to share stories or sing together while we wait for parents/carers.

12pm Lunch club (IF AVAILABLE): children eat packed lunches together under staff supervision.  Once finished eating, children are free to play with the resources, toys, arts and crafts. For those leaving at 1pm, parents/carers arrive whilst other children carry on playing.

1pm: Afternoon sessions are a similar format to mornings with free play and a rolling snack.

Approx. 2.40pm, tidy up followed by circle time. Together we close the day with stories and songs ready for parents/carers to collect at 3pm.

Our days are free flowing and flexible. If a parent needs to collect a child early for any reason, simply let staff know and we will be ready.

Our Pre-School sessions are fun-packed and stimulating. Whilst there is a level of routine and familiarity, activities, themes and educational content varies each day.

AdHoc: We have access to Brookmead School playing fields at set times, we invite guest speakers for show and tell sessions, we have weekly group entertainment such as "Top Bop" and "Tinymites", and we sometimes take children on a walking excursion if there is something educational and exciting for the children to see in the locality.

Transition to Primary School: For the older children, we plan transition sessions in the Spring and Summer terms of their final year. ‘Transition’ offers a range of activities which lay a foundation of skills for the children in preparation for primary school.

Daily activity update: Parents can read the daily update of activities on the board outside the front door each day at pick up time.