We have said good bye to our chicks for another year, BUT we now have some frog spawn and tadpoles to watch develop! How exciting!  /  

Learning Through Play

We are a purpose-built Pre-School, situated in the heart of Ivinghoe, just behind Brookmead School. We are registered with Ofsted and can provide care for children aged 2-5 years, with a maximum capacity of 50 children.


The Rainbow room

Our two year olds and risings 3's

In the summer of 2021, with the full backing of Buckinghamshire Council we knocked through into the old children’s centre building, this enabled us to extend our provision from 30 to 50 places.

In the new space we created the “Rainbow room” which is home to our younger children aged 2-3 years. The Rainbow room is bright and welcoming, and everything (where possible) is at the children’s height and clearly labelled, this encourages independence. Resources such as scissors, paint and glue are freely available for the children but with an adult lead. Once the children are in their final academic year, they move up into the Windmill room.

(this will always be the September after they turn 3)

Tour the Rainbow Room


The Windmill Room

Where children spend their final academic year with us

The children move up to the Windmill room the September after their third birthday.

Learning is still very much play based however, resources such as scissors and glue sticks and smaller toys are available on a child led basis. We have a basic routine in place which guides our day, for example, snack time, outdoor play but we follow the children’s interests as much as possible.  Adult led group times take place twice a day, where the key group leaders plan activities.

At Windmill we focus on the children’s core skills such as independence- pouring their own drinks, selecting their own resources and activities,  confidence, social skills- such as turn taking, playing together and communicating their wants and needs.

All adults are positive role models to the children, sipping water throughout the day like we ask the children to, eating healthy snacks with the children and sitting with them whilst they eat.

Tour the Windmill Room


We work very closely with our neighbouring school (Brookmead) to ensure we are appropriately preparing the children for their next step in their education.

If Brookmead is not your chosen school we will make every effort to set up a link with whichever school you do decide on for your child.

A Typical Day at Windmill

Through the eyes of a child

  • 9am

  • 10am
    Morning session

  • 12pm

  • 1pm

  • 3pm

On arrival Parents/Carers are asked to say good bye to their child at the main door. Children are asked to put their lunch box on the trolley, they wash their hands. The children find their name card on the back of the drawer unit and place it on a drawer of their choice before sitting on the carpet for the register. Their drawer is used for art work and any letters that need to be sent home.

Morning session consists of Adult led group time, free play and we have snack around 10am This is a social time where some of the best discussions happen! Snacks are always healthy with a drink of milk or water. We also encourage the children to pour their own drinks! Children are encouraged to help by counting out plates and cups, cutting fruit and vegetables, placing cups and plates in the washing up bowl.

Children eat packed lunches together under staff supervision. Once finished, children are free to play with the resources, toys, arts and crafts. For those leaving at 1pm, parents/carers arrive whilst other children carry on playing.

Afternoon sessions are a similar format to mornings with adult led group time, free play and a healthy snack at around 2pm.

Tidy up followed by carpet time. Together we close the day with stories and songs ready for parents/carers to collect at 3pm. Our days are free flowing and flexible. If a parent needs to collect a child early for any reason, simply let staff know and we will be ready. Our Pre-School sessions are fun-packed and stimulating. Whilst there is a level of routine and familiarity, activities, themes and educational content varies each day.

Our Events

We go above and beyond!

Each week we have visits from the following companies (at no extra cost to you as parents/carers)

*Sports fever (sports-fever.co.uk)

*Tot Bop (totbop.co.uk)

*Yoga Peaches

*Little Shoots Gardening Club

We are able to keep these groups at due to our fundraising efforts, grants from Buckinghamshire council and donations from local businesses!

At Windmill, we are passionate about bringing learning to life and we support this by offering the children opportunities for hands on learning, such as watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, eggs turn in to chicks, frogs spawn into frogs and so much more! To support our topics and themes we also have visits from professionals, such as real life police officers, vets, nurses and shop keepers! (See gallery below)